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Amber Colvin: Race Report 04/18/2010


04/18/2010  Race Report

Atlanta 4/16/2010
Amber completed her heat race in a car that was tight in the middle and loose off, which caused the car to spin the tires off the corners. She was able to adjust the line and managed a 2nd place finish at the Atlanta ¼ mile track.
Starting her feature second row on the outside, amber got down in turn one in third place but then got pushed out by the 4th place car in turn two. Amber fought her way back into the top 5 while missing a couple of wrecks and then brought home a 2nd place finish in a car that was still loose off the corners. Amber did a very good job with what she had to work with.`



Lanier National

Amber started the day in, practice in a car that was loose in and loose off in the first practice. We put some cross into the car and the second practice was better but starting spinning the tire coming off the corners as it had the day before. Still 2 tenths off the pace of the leaders we were searching for the cause. We made a couple of adjustments and Amber started pole in her heat race. After the outside car jumped the start on the first attempt, the next attempt was a good start. The 99 (who was in another class) started beating Amber’s back bumper on the next lap. He tried three or 4 time to wreck her but, she not only kept the car under control but then pulled away and won the heat, earning her first pole for 2010.
Knowing the track was cooling we loosened it up for the feature, but it didn’t take but two laps to realize we had taken too much cross out. Amber was up on the wheel in and out of the corners. This turned out to be a very rough race as the 99 wrecked another car and continuously tried to wreck amber also. Again, Amber simply out drove him and finished a strong 3rd in a car that should not have gotten a top 5 finish.
This was a good weekend and a very worthwhile trip. We had a great time and amber brought home two more top fives. So far for 2010 8 starts and 8 top fives. Average number of car per race has been 12 to 15. The wins will come soon.
If Amber gets the sponsorship that she needs for this summer’s racing, she has a very promising summer ahead of her. She is really looking forward to running the Summer Shootout in Charlotte and the Thursday Thunder Series in Atlanta.

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