Legend Cars — 22 November 2008

A good season for Amber


In Atlanta I was running the Thursday Thunder Series, going into the last 2 races I was 28 points behind the points leader. The points leader had stuffed me into the wall on race 4 and shoved me out of line on the restart in race 5 and 6 to beat me. I had several chances to pay him back but chose not to. In the last two races I finished 2nd and 3rd and finished well enough to regain the points lead by 1 point. The fifth place car chose not to go to tech because he was not in the points and everyone behind him was moved up one spot. This gave the points leader an extra two points and caused me to missed the championship by one point and I finishing second.

Earlier that week I raced Lowes Motor Speedway for the 1st time, It was awesome! I started 28th of 29. I drove from the rear to the front, finishing 6th in my first race in Charlotte.

I also went to Sunny South Speedway, in Alabama. This is a 1/4 mile high banked D shaped track. I only got 3 laps of practice and then a green, white, checker Qualifier. We were very surprised to find out it would be a 50 lap race. (my first 50 lap race) I started in the rear of 15 cars and drove quickly to 3rd place. There was a lot of beating and banging going on but I got to third without moving any one. The 1st and 2nd place cars were beating on each other and switching positions almost every lap. I tried to be patient and followed them waiting for them to make a mistake. I was faster than them, but didn’t want to get wrecked while passing them as they were being very rough with each other. The two cars behind me started beating my back bumper off, knocking me completely sideways several times. But I held my position until 6 laps to go and got knocked sideways and then he drove into my side, which headed me straight for the wall off of turn four. I threw the car sideways and caught it and only lost the spot to him. The car behind him did the same thing on the white flag lap and I lost a spot to him as well, while dodging the wall again. I went high in turn three and tried to cross over on him coming out of four and he beat me to the finish line by about 1 foot. I ended up finishing 5th in my first 50 lap race and my first time on a high banked 1/4 mile track. IT was a great learning experience and a very fast and fun track to drive.

Since finishing the Thursday Thunder series a have continued to race in Cordele GA. Were I am racing against Pro’s and Semi-pro’s. For the last 5 weeks it’s been my sister, Niccole and I at the track, because my Dad is in Texas working.

Sept 20- The car was good but the track was slick, Niccole and I left the car alone and let the track come to us. I finished first in semi pro again and 2rd overall.

Sept 27- The car was real tight in Practice and the heat. For the feature the car straightened up and I was able to drive the car to a first place finish.

Oct 4th- The car was loose in and out in practice and in the heat but for the feature we got it right, I started 5th and drove it to second on the third lap but when a car on the outside came down on me and cut my right front tire. There was nothing I could do.

Oct. 18th- The car was sideways most all the way around the track in practice and in the heat but for the feature we tightened it up to much and I was unable to get in the gas coming off the turns. I had to really get up on the wheel and was able to hang on to a 7th place finish. This finish sealed my semi-pro points championship in Cordele and I was second in points overall (including the pros)

This has been a great year and I have learned a lot. I think I am a much better driver today than I was a year ago. I look forward to my second year in Legends and plan on leaving my mark and making a name for myself at several different tracks in the coming year. I also hope to start testing in a late model this coming year as well.

I am now a freshman in High School, I am in the International Baccalaureate Program with college classes. With all the time that racing has taken I have managed to keep my (A) average and hope to continue that as well.

I was heartbroke when I wasn’t invited to the final phases of Lyn St. James’ Driver Development Program but after finishing this year I feel that it was probably best as I was able to stay more focused on my Legends racing. There will always be next year to finish the LSJDDP. I look very much forward to seeing everyone next year again in the LSJDDP.

Summing up my first season in Legends Cars:
Second in points at Atlanta Motor Speedway
First place in Semi-pro at Cordele, Georgia
3rd in the State of Florida and 35th of 214 in the Country in the INEX Young Lions Div.
5th in the State of Florida and 56th of 652 in the Country in the INEX Semi-pro Div.
(8) 1st place finishes in 34 races
(25) top 5s in 34 races
(32) top 10s in 34 races
All in all…. a very good season!

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