Circle Track Featured Sprint Car — 23 May 2012

Rough Start – Blog by Victoria Cantu

Our season up here in the Northwest has just gotten underway. After a successful play day here at Skagit Speedway, the first race got underway with a start in the sixteenth spot and a few passes forward to finish ninth with a very broken right front spindle.

This last Saturday, the 28 of April we had a super tacky track to run on. After packing, the clouds rolled in and gave a shower. The show was pretty rushed to beat the rain and I drew a 70 something for pill draw. I started outside, second row in the heat race and gained two positions in the first one or two laps. My car was set up perfectly and I could run it anywhere on the track. I prefer middle-high and that is where I felt fastest. I ended up finishing second.

The main change we made to the car between the heat and the feature was a left front shock change to get a little stiffer so the car wouldn’t lay down so hard coming in.

I started outside, row two for the feature and the track was still a bit sticky. The green dropped and away we went. Coming around turn four to complete the first lap I was wheel to wheel and space ran out and I got the no-good side of a fatty right rear to my left front, hit, spun and was air born. It was a series of endo’s that ended with me on my right side.

The car was pretty tore up: front end, tail tank, every radius rod, wings, ect. However, I have an amazing support system of people who’re making sure I’m back out this Saturday.

A highlight from Saturday was running killer lap times: 13.0′s.

With set up help from Mel Roberts, parts help from Tyler Fox and the R & R race team, a dedicated, hard working crew and driver will get the Girlz Racing team rolling into a good run this next weekend!

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I am an eighteen year old sprint car driver from small town Sultan, Washington. I go to Western Washington University and am going to major in Communications and hopefully work for NASCAR. I have been racing since I was nine years old. I started in 100cc mini sprints at Deming Speedway. After two seasons in what is now known as the Kasey Kahne Junior Sprints, I moved up to a 250cc mini sprint that I raced with my mom, Diane, for three and a half years. After mid-season we decided to quit the minis and save up for a big car to race at Skagit Speedway. By the next season we had everything ready to go.. My first season, 2010, I broke my neck a few races in, putting me out and in the 2011 season about half the season was lost to rain outs and high school graduation stuff. It is the start of the 2012 racing season and I have loyal family, sponsors, and fans that keep me on that tacky clay every weekend in the Sportsman Sprint class.