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OK now that everyone has given up on their New Year’s resolution let’s do something we all can be proud of to save lives! It is simple and easy to do. Just don’t text and drive! And don’t drink and drive!

Recently I have been moved by the high rate of deaths from teen’s texting while driving. Along with their lives they are taking many innocent lives. Recently a mom and infant daughter were killed when a teen driver carelessly texted while driving. Along with this, 5 teens were killed in New England while driving on the way to a family cabin while the driver was texting. All of these senseless deaths!

I recently was honored to be a quest ride along with an Arizona Department of Public Safety as part of the DUI task force. I was amazed at the number of people we were able to pull over in a 12-hour shift (5PM to 5AM). One driver passed us going 125 mph! Once we caught up to the vehicle the man was highly intoxicated and was taken to jail. One of our accident calls was a lady that had hit a wall while being intoxicated. Her injuries were lethal! Along with destroying your own life you are putting other lives at stake too! We must remember that when behind the wheel of car we are driving a 2-ton weapon!

After 10 years racing experience, I currently drive a NASCAR K&N Pro Series West car. On the track I race under controlled conditions with many safety devices. I wear a fire suit, helmet, and Hanns device to secure my head and neck from breaking. I have a rescue team near by at all times. I have every safety device needed for any race situation. I save my entire racing and high speeds for the track. On the real road and everyday life, things are not so controlled and set up to have safety at your fingertips! I always have to be aware of road safety. There is never time for distractions or errors. I am always sure to wear my seat belt, obey all traffic signs and signals while obeying the speed limit. These things are vital to safety behind the wheel. A loss of life is just not worth it! When I am out on the public road I am sure to maintain legal speed limits, never use my phone for any kinds of communication and never drink and drive.

I want you to make a pledge:
• Never drink or use drugs while driving
• Never talk on cell phones while driving
• Never apply makeup
• Always use your turn signals
• Always obey all speed signs
• Always wear your seat belts

Believe driving is a privilege and we should all use common sense. Cars can be 2-tons weapons and should be handled with respect! So make the promise and pledge!

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About Author

I am 20 years old and have been racing since I was 10. I began making my mark first in Quarter Midgets, where I consistently placed among the top five, then with stellar performances in the Bandolero Series, I earned the 2003 Arizona State Championship and with further top five finishes I earned the Legend 2005 Rookie of the Year honors. By 2008, I was racing Tucson Raceway Park and “The Bullring” at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and placing in the Top 10. My NASCAR experience includes Super Late Model (#7) and Late Model (#56) racing in Phoenix, AZ, Las Vegas, NV and Irwindale, CA. I am currently racing #07 with the Greg Rayl Racing Team (GSR Racing), driving in the K&N Pro Series West. In pursuit of excellence, I graduated from the Lyn St. James Driving Academy and for 3 years in a row I was 1 of 30 drivers chosen to compete in the Drive for Diversity Combine in Charlotte, North Carolina. Passionate about community service, I have made it a strong part of my racing endeavors. I am a spokesperson on Teen Driving Safety Issues and attend several safety days at military bases in AZ and CA each year, while bringing attention to issues of health, safety and education. I continue my work with Drivetech as a professional racecar driver providing NASCAR ride-a-longs for corporate clients in team building exercises. I am experienced as a guest host on numerous radio shows speaking on all things NASCAR. I’m a firm believer in working to make your dream happen. In school I found that my struggles with reading were because of dyslexia, and then in 2006, I needed to take 8 months off for spinal surgery. Learning to work through these challenges has taught me about perseverance and motivation. Always keep your goals in mind. It’s amazing what will happen.

  • Tallcat1

    Great info Cassie. You can count on my pledge !

  • Sandra

    Cassie is a smart young lady that has her act together.  She is a great ambassador for teens and adults alike.  Please don’t text and drive, period.  I take the pledge !  Thank you Cassie for everything you do, you are a good leader and set a fine example.  Thank you for walking the walk and helping others understand the dangers of sending a ‘quick’ text while driving.  Keep doing what you are doing.  If even one person stops texting while driving you have made a difference !  Great job.