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Hi there! This is my first blog with Female Racing News, and I could not be more excited to be on board to share my stories and to keep you updated on my racing career! I am about to put you in the passenger seat as I continue my ride in the racing world. First I would like to introduce myself to you and get you up to date on where I have been and where I am heading with my racing career.

So I’ll take you through my career by the years…


2002-2007 Quarter Midgets

I got my start in racing in Quarter Midgets at the age of twelve. After watching my younger brother race for a year, I could not sit on the sidelines any longer. I jumped into a car and got off to a quick start, winning my first seven races. I had great success in Quarter Midgets, ending my six year career with six championships, 60+ feature wins, and three track records.
Quarter Midget

After Quarter Midgets, I did not have any options for moving up the ranks in racing. So, my focus switched over to school as I prepared to start college. That summer before school started, I received the Rich Vogler Memorial Scholarship, which was a true honor as Rich was a great racecar driver. Also during that summer, I had the opportunity to test a couple of 600cc Mini Sprints. I never competed in any Mini Sprint races, but it was an option, at that time, for me to look into.


2009 Ford Focus

At the beginning of 2009, it still did not look promising for me to be getting back into the driver’s seat soon. During my time out of the seat, my father and I went from track to track with some friends of ours, helping them with their Kenyon Midget. In the middle of season they let me jump into their car. That was my first experience in a Midget and I loved every minute of it. Of course the idea was to get my father to buy a Kenyon Midget for me to start running, but the funds did not allow it.

Towards the end of the season, I was lucky enough to find a Ford Focus Midget car owner who was looking for a driver. I ran with USAC for their last five races. During those five races we worked many bugs out of the car, only finishing one of the five I started in.


2010 Ford Focus & Kenyon Midget

The 2010 season marked my first full season in the Ford Focus Midget. In my rookie year, I finished 4th in the USAC Midwest Ford Focus Dirt Points and 5th in the USAC Midwest Ford Focus Overall Points. I racked up eleven top ten finishes and four top five finishes with USAC. I also participated in four UMARA series races in the Sportsman division; finishing in the top three of all four races, including two feature wins.
Montpelier Speedway


At the end of the 2010 season I also got the opportunity to race in two Kenyon Midget races for Don and Mel Kenyon. I finished in the top five in both starts.

Proceeding the 2010 season I was inducted into the Central Indiana Quarter Midget Hall of Fame for my success in Quarter Midgets.


2011 Ford Focus & Kenyon Midget

After the 2010 season I only planned on running the Ford Focus in 2011, but at the end of the 2010 season Don Kenyon asked me to drive the Kenyon Midget for him full time. So after a successful rookie year in the Ford Focus, I wanted to capitalize on that and I decided that the Ford Focus would be my main priority for 2011. I told Don that I would drive for him whenever I was not racing the Focus though.

As the Ford Focus season progressed we were plagued with problem after problem. After the second engine problem of the season had me sitting on the sidelines, I made the decision to switch my priorities while I still could. At that time I had not missed any of the Kenyon races and I was still in the chase for the championship and rookie honors. Thanks to some schedule changes by the series and thanks to rain-outs, I did not miss a single race in either division because of schedule conflicts.

Although I did miss one race in the Focus because of mechanical issues, I was still able to finish 7th in the USAC Midwest Series. Not how we wanted it to go, but considering all of the problems we went through it was acceptable. I ended the season with nine top ten finishes, three top five finishes, and my first heat race win.

In September, I was invited to the Women in the Winner’s Circle Awards Ceremony in Brownsburg, IN. This event was hosted by Lyn St. James’ Women in the Winner’s Circle Foundation. At the ceremony, I was honored to receive the USAC Kara Hendrick Spirit Award.


Lyn St. James and me after receiving the USAC Kara Hendrick Spirit Award


It was quickly proven that the priority change was the right change. I not only won the Kenyon Midget Championship, but I was the first female in history to do so. I also receive Rookie of the Year honors. I ended the season with six top ten and three top five finishes, and also brought home my first win.


What’s Next?

With such a successful couple of years, this off season has been a whirlwind of a ride. Getting exposure is key right now as I look towards the 2012 season. Plans for next season are currently up in the air as we wait to hear back from sponsors. The sponsorship money will ultimately decide our 2012 plans. So keep your eyes open for news on my 2012 program!


NOTE: I love meeting my fans and interacting with them. If you’d like to follow my career further follow me on Facebook or Twitter, and you could be the first to hear what direction I’ll be heading in 2012.

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