Drag Racing — 07 October 2008

The boys weren’t paying nice with Angie McBride on Sunday.

McBride has been a strong player of late, most recently scoring a semi-final finish at the NHRA Fallnationals in Dallas, Texas.

Those kinds of performances will make the competition take notice.

In her first round match against Steve Johnson, the two-time 2008 winner rolled in and lit both bulbs. He sat and even stared over McBride. She never wavered in her routine. Neither did she stage.

Once he backed out of the second bulb, shortly thereafter McBride rolled in and lit her top bulb. Johnson fouled.

McBride let it be known from the start that she knew what Johnson was doing and wasn’t going to fall for it.

“Today, we are going to run my race,” McBride added.

She met up with Andrew Hines in the quarters and the two engaged in a lengthy staging battle. Hines eventually broke the :58 second battle of determination and staged first. He also red-lighted.

This marked the second time in as many races that she’s beaten Hines in the early rounds.

Her tactics of beating the competition at their game led Hines to utter the telltale phrase at the end of the track as he quipped, “You don’t give a damn about anybody.”

She responded, “I just do what I am told.”

McBride made her way into the semi-finals for the second consecutive week, but her raceday however would soon come to an end as Craig Treble, eventual race winner beat her in round three.

“The last few weeks have been amazing,” said McBride.  “I knew I had to just focus on the job at hand and whatever happens would just happen.  I was going to give it all I could and hopefully things would turn out in my favor, and they did.  We have taken out some big hitters the last few weeks and it is the greatest feeling ever.  To sit with Andrew in a staging battle that long and come out on top is just the greatest feeling ever.  I am so excited and I can’t wait for Vegas.”

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  • http://waynesconnection.com Wayne Hagan

    That was great!
    Good job well done,full of information.
    Thanks again for the story-

  • Alvin Sample

    I think it is great to see women in racing. I have spent all of my adult life trying to motivate my daughters and now my grandaughters to not allow themselves to be pigeonholed into what society has stereotyped for them.
    I try to get them to understand that everything they do is being watched by some other young female, and can affect that young lady’s decision that may be life altering.
    More success…. More responsibility.
    That’s all of us!!