No Matter The Outcome…Bananas Are Still 38 Cents A Pound.

There are few things that all types of racing have in common, and I think the most important is FANS.  NASCAR  has been said to have the most loyal fans of any venue of racing or sports in general.  I found that out today when I received a package of 175 letters from 3rd, 4th and 5th graders from Cielo Azul Elementary in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.  The kids all hand wrote letters asking me questions about my racing career and what I have done in order to make my dream a reality.  The letters were very touching and I found myself smiling while reading them.  I was reminded that I am living my dream and that I get to do an incredible thing that people would love to do if given the chance, and I get to do it everyday.  Tim Johnson, who is now the Race Director at Elko Speedway, once told me before a very big race at Raceway Park, “to think about all the people across the nation who would love to be sitting where you are sitting right now.  No matter what happens in this race tonight, you have accomplished great things just by being in the seat of this super late model, and you are getting to do what you love to do”.   I remember that little pep talk almost every time I climb behind the wheel of my car, and it has helped me to stay focused and to take the good times along with the bad.   He also would tell me that no matter the outcome of the race tonight, bananas are still be 38 cents a pound at Kwik Trip.  Thanks Tim !

With the race season less than 63 days away, I remind myself of the vow I made when I first started racing, which is:  to be a respectable person/driver and to be someone that is worthy of being looked upon as a  role model.  These letters helped me to remember that vow and reminded me that the fans are one of the biggest reasons that I continue to race… other than the fact that I love to go fast and rub fenders with some of the best drivers in the nation.  And to answer a few of the questions from the letters;  yes I do love to go fast, yes it is hard to race really good, and it takes a lot of time and determination to win races and to be the best that you can be.  No, I don’t get dizzy going around in circles, yes I have crashed a few times and no I don’t like having to fix my car.  A huge thank you to all the kids for the letters, they were all great and it was super fun reading and looking at the pictures  they drew for me.  Days like today reminds me that I am truly blessed !



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Female Owned & Female Driven. I am the sole owner of Molly Rhoads Motorsports and I compete in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series, Super Late Model Division in Minnesota and Wisconsin. I started racing in 1998 in the Bomber Division and have worked my way up throughout the years. The 2012 season will be my 9th year in the Super Late Model Division !

  • Crmranch

    Keep believing and doing what you love!!!!

  • Hough68racing

    Molly – Love your story! Come over and visit the Bandoleros some day at Elko. Jessie Mahoney drove the 55 last year (I think she is switching to 11 this year), and she’s our sole female representative so far. Good luck! Kathy Hough (Hough68Racing on Facebook.)

  • Molly Rhoads

    I will for sure swing over and see you guys.  Otherwise you are always welcome to stop by our pits.  I would love to meet you gals !