Jennifer Jo Cobb to run at least two more races with RWR

After last weekend off the NASCAR Nationwide series is at Texas Motor Speedway this weekend. With Danica now running her Indy series schedule that leaves one lady in the Nationwide series, Jennifer Jo Cobb. We hadn’t received any infomation about her racing at Texas this weekend so we decided to search for info. We did find out that she is running this weekend at Texas and next weekend at Talladega for Rick Ware Racing. After that her future is unknown without sponsors stepping up to the plate. 

If you read the site regularly (and you should) you would have seen a post we did last week. Fans of Jennifer Jo Cobb have put together a site to raise money to help her racing efforts for the remainder of the NASCAR season. You can see the post here: Who wants to help out Jennifer Jo Cobb? The economy is understandly terrible but there has to be a company out there somewhere willing to help out a great wheel(wo)man..

If you visit the site you can go to the Potential Sponsors button and it will take you to a form to fill out to help our Ms. Cobb. If you read our latest post about the top 10 ladies in NASCAR you will see that most of these ladies were forced to stop racing due to lack of sponsors. We are determined to stop this nasty habit and bring some sponsors in for all ladies possible.

We will let you know as soon as we hear any more info regarding Jennifer’s remaining season after ‘Dega.


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