Ramona Karlsson & Miriam Waldfridsson Awarded “Rallydriver & Co-driver of The Year” in Sweden

Ramona has been awarded the prestigious Swedish award “Rallydriver of the year 2013” and  Miriam, Ramona’s co-driver has also received the award for navigator.

The Award jury, from the Swedish Motor magazine “Bilsport,” says: “Ramona Karlsson and Miriam Walfridsson has made historical results in this years Swedish Championships. Silver medal in the highest class and a overall victory in the Swedish Championship Final. No female driver has ever succeeded anything like this. Ramona and Miriam were an obvious choice…” “It feels really great. I’m very honoured and happy” Ramona says.

Ramona and Miriam became the first women ever to achieve a total victory in a Swedish Championship Rally in their in a Skoda Fabia WRC. This year Ramona aims at competing in Rallycross World Championships and possibly some American GRC Rallycross events.

“I really look forward to next year, and I will work hard to achieve my goals” Ramona says.



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