Featured Off Road Rally — 28 October 2011

International Rally New York Finale of the season

Narrowsburg, NY

The last race of the USRC saw many teams struggle with mechanical and equipment
failures this year. The team of Erika Detota and Brian Johnson unfortunately one of
them, suffered a flat tire and a broken axle which subsequently left them unable to
finish the first day of stages. “The new roads were beautiful” says Detota “but the
traditionally run stages in the rally took a beating from the wet fall and were very
rocky” which is where the team suffered their failures. Under super rally rules they
were able to fix their axle and re-entered the race for the last day of racing.

Day 2 was going their way with a top 2 stage time, the team was way ahead of the
competition for the regional race. However with their inability to finish the first day
they were sadly unable to hold onto any chances of keeping the USRC 2 wheel drive
title that Detota won in 2010 with then co-driver Jason Smith. For 2011, Detota
received 3rd place in the championship with 1st going back to previous winners
Mike Reilly and Josh Bethian respectively.

“Detota drove her best at this event” which was evident to the spectators and her
navigator said Brian Johnson. With a brand new livery and sponsors it was great
to see the team pushing even after their goal of winning the championship was no
longer attainable.

Continuing her partnership with Keep A Breast, Erika’s new light blue car had some
additional supporters along side “I love boobies.” Grand Prix NY, a local go kart
track joined for the event and a long time sponsor, Rally Armor did a special Mud
Flap to support breast cancer awareness with proceeds going to the Keep A Breast
organization. “It was really fun to bring together my sponsors for breast cancer
awareness month with my October fundraiser” says Detota, “I am looking forward
to teaming up with more companies to spread awareness next year!.”

Erika would like to thank her partners and supporters, Keep-A-Breast.org, Grand
Prix NY, Rally Armor, Big Boulder Park, Exedy Racing Clutch and media partner Flat
out promotions for their generosity, time and product support.

For more information find Erika Detota on FB & Twitter or go to:

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