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Tammy Wolf and her team already have had an incredibly busy and productive 2012 season.  They had international success in France, a runner-up position at the North American Championships, a runner-up position at the Regional Championships and a third place finish at the North East Divisional Championships.  The team is currently ranked 2nd in the American Power Boat Association’s high points battle the teams work efforts are far from over both with there racing program and charity efforts.

Earlier this year, they contacted Mercury USA, which donated apparel to help the teams efforts to raise money for Breast Cancer

Research and it was a huge success.  The team is expanding it’s philanthropy work with there own apparel.

“With the attention women in motorsports get these day’s it seems as though were under a huge microscope, every move we make is being recorded and analyzed.  As some of you know powerboat racing has been my passion. I am honored to follow my dreams and be surrounded and supported by a wonderful team, family and sponsors.   However, this microscope, at times, can be overwhelming. It can add stress to an already tense racing environment but as I have learned it can be used as an incredible tool to help others, either by motivating individuals to follow there dreams or in this case helping people we will never see or meet.”  Tammy Wolf

This Formula 3 powerboat race team is please to announce an extension of there charity efforts.  “Race Like A Girl” apparel is now available for sale, proceeds will be donated to Susan G. Komen Passionately Pink for the Cure.  This foundation raises money for Breast Cancer

research and education in an effort to end breast cancer forever.

These shirts are a limited time offer and are available at Tammy Wolf Racing’s website (www.tammywolfracing.com) or by emailing


You can also support  Susan G. Komen’s Passionately Pink for the cure by directly sending a donation on behalf of Tammy Wolf and Race Like A Girl!


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