Monster Energy Intern Search, vote Michele Abbate!

FRN’s own Michele Abbate has thrown her name in the ring for the Monster Energy Intern contest. We are huge fans of contests like this because it really allows the people involved to utilize their fan bases. Social Media is a great for contests like this so make sure to spread this around. We want to do what we can to help rocket Michele to the TOP!!!!! Follow this link Monster Energy Intern Search.. Monster does have you jump through a few hoops in order to vote. First you will click on the “Go To App” button at the bottom of the window.. Then you will “Allow Access” it’s honestly not going to post anything you don’t want it to.. Then it will pull all the contestants back up again. You can either search for Michele (only one L) or just click on this link again. Fingers Crossed that she gets this! How awesome would it be to be an intern at Monster. They support some pretty awesome athletes! Good luck to Michele and you have FRN behind you!

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