Behind the Helmet LIVE Episode 4

Last night (May 1st 2013) we had an outstanding episode of Behind the Helmet. In case you missed it here it is for your viewing pleasure.

We had three amazing guests, including Jennifer Jo Cobb, Katherine Legge and Michele Abbate. These three ladies all have very different racing backgrounds and they had some amazing stories to tell. We learned a lot about them and are excited to share the video of the time we had with them. Katherine did have to leave out of the show early to get on another call. I will update this post with her answers to the questions she missed once she has returned them to me.

Who would you like to see on the show next?

Katherine’s Missed Questions:


FRN: If you could win any race in the world, what would it be?

 Katherine: Indy 500

FRN: Your perfect sponsor? 

 Katherine: Any sponsor that believes in me as much as I believe in their product, could be anything I already use & love!
FRN: Top songs played on your Playlist?
 Katherine: Diff playlists for different things, running, driving etc… Genre changes drastically! I do like listening to English radio at home too though. Makes me feel closer to my friends & family
FRN: What other type of racing (that you’ve never drove) would you like to try?
Katherine: NASCAR & nhra. Aussie V8′s

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