Moto Motocross — 11 August 2010

Ashlee Sokalski passes away due to injuries after Motocross crash

The family of 19 year-old motocross rider Ashlee Sokalski made the difficult decision last night to pull Ashlee from life support after doctors told them there was nothing further they could do to save her.

Ashlee was competing in her second race at the 29th Annual AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship in Hurricane Mills, TN when she came down after a jump and was thrown from her motorcycle, which ended up bouncing back and landing on top of her.

Doctors at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in nearby Nashville, did everything they could to help the young lady, who was the fastest woman competing from her home state of Michigan.   Early Tuesday morning, Ashlee’s kidneys failed and her condition continued to deteriorate through the day.

Fundraising efforts will continue to aid the family through this difficult time.   Donations efforts and memorial events continue to be announced on Ashlee’s webpage.

The family has not yet announced funeral arrangements for Ashlee.

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  • Gregory Todd

    Sorry to hear of your loss. I will keep you in my prayers.

  • Dee H. Crump

    What a loss of such a young girl. My heart hurts with you. ((Hugs) Dee in Texas

  • tom

    this whole article is bull screw who ever wrote it! she was doing better actually then her kidneys like shut down and thats what happened. and as far as the accident goes she was going off a jump her brakes locked up she fell of her bike but then she got back up to get back on and another girl who was in the race hit her.. how do i know this? my bestfriend is dating her little sister amanda.. so before you write something stupid again maybe you should get your facts straight!

  • tom

    they never pulled life support!

  • Chris Rhoad

    Tom…. shut your face. If you are close to the family, then perhaps you should take a more professional approach rather than bouncing from site to site putting people on blast. Ugh.
    Shortly after the accident, NO ONE knew exactly what happened except those who witnessed it first hand. Those of us outside the event went with credible resources. Obviously those sources weren’t all that credible, but thats how the grapevine works.

  • Brandon Feagan

    Ashlee was a great rider she had the speed of a pro. she was a very pretty girl and was a great motocross rider.
    god speed ashlee sokalski.

  • Michael Morton

    We all know how much we racer’s love racing,but it”s time’s like these that make you ask yourself ,should I be doing this? We seem to come to the same answer each time,YES. It’s what we do. So to Ashlee’s parent’s and loved ones I will pray to God today and ask him to make it a little easier on you each and every day,for I know your pain will never go away. ……………………….Mikey