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It is that time of the year that all race car fans long for.  It has been racing season for the past couple of months, but now we are getting into the heart of racing season. It is May and the temperatures in PA are rising, we no longer need to take that winter jacket to the track. The “die-hards” are in the routine of attending races every weekend. The festivities have begun in Indianapolis in preparation for the 500 mile race. And all of this has to mean one thing, it is just about summer!

As a kid I always looked forward to June which marked the end of school. This meant that I no longer had to balance my routine of homework and helping to get the car ready to race. It had always been the rule of my parents that in order to race, good grades were a must. Summer marked that point when I could focus all my time on watching races, and helping dad in the race car shop to learn as much as possible. Today I’m no longer that young girl, but one thing remains the same. I still have to juggle my class work with racing until summer.

School is important in order for me to accomplish my life goals. I am a college student majoring in mechanical engineering, a licensed Realtor, as well as a sprint car driver. So how do I manage to juggle each of these successfully?  Time management, a good support system, and lots of hard work. Nothing worth doing right is ever easy, but saying that hard work pays off couldn’t be more true. Finals week is the best example of how crucial it is to find the perfect balance. Racing is always in the back of my mind, even when I am sitting in front of an open book trying to study for a Machine Design final. So how do I successfully get my studying done and take time to contemplate the lingering” what if “questions about the previous weekends race? Time management.  I plan ahead to study hard for a straight two hours, then help prep the race car for the upcoming race, return phone calls and emails as needed, ad a fitness workout, and then back to studying.  This means each gets done well and, at the end of the day, I feel less stressed knowing I am prepared for my final and the car will be ready for the weekend’s race. If there is something that you strive for you have to work hard for it. I strive to get good grades on all of my finals, and I strive to win the upcoming race.

Everyone has different goals in life, and everyone feels the stress of juggling multiple things at once. No matter what your goal is the most important thing is knowing that it will probably take hard work to achieve it. I put in my time and work hard all week and it isn’t easy or always fun. But at the end of the week I can smile looking at my grades, and I get to fun behind the wheel of my race car.

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