Drag Racing Featured — 31 October 2011

Leah Pruett takes Pro Mod Win in Vegas

LAS VEGAS (Oct. 30) – Leah Pruett ended the Get Screened America Pro Mod Series season with back-to-back victories, but she didn’t win Sunday’s Big O Tires NHRA Nationals alone.


Pruett’s ProCare Rx turbo Mustang ate up some parts on the way to her ultimate victory over Danny Rowe, but the R2B2 crew was always there to fix the damage and keep the car consistent.


“This race is where the crew stood out,” Pruett said. “This R2B2 Mustang does have problems sometimes, but when you have the best crew in the world, that’s how you win. They shined through the thrashes we had to go through between the rounds.”


In the final, the Mustang’s consistency in the face of adversity shone through as Pruett ran a 5.910 second pass at 253.04 mph to more than handle series runner-up Rowe, who ran a 5.940 at 243.55 mph.

It’s the third straight victory for this particular car, and R2B2 Racing cars won three of the final four events of the season. The Mustang has yet to be beaten this season – a point in which Pruett takes great pride.


“Mission definitely accomplished. I think we ran Las Vegas out of its luck,” Pruett said.  ”I’m so happy to end the season with a win. I can’t wait for next season to start. I love this turbo Mustang.”


Pruett dodged some close calls along the way to her victory. She was the beneficiary of her opponent fouling out in the first round on Saturday after her car struggled to get the motor started.


On Sunday, she was a holeshot winner over teammate Melanie Troxel in the semis. In that race, Pruett used a .012-second advantage at the starting line to hold off a hard-charging Troxel.


Troxel’s ET was quicker – 5.892 seconds at 253.85 mph to Pruett’s 5.897 at 251.20 mph, but the edge at the starting line translated to a .005-second margin of victory.


In the second round, Pruett beat Pete Farber with a run of 5.927 seconds at 249.95 mph. Farber was late off the line and ran a 6.152 at 237.38 mph.


“We’ve got the best hot rod in the class,” Pruett said. “It’s proven it over and over again – I can say over 12 times for every consecutive round win this car has made. It’s an in-house car, which makes us proud. If anyone is in the market for a Pro Mod car, our R2B2 Race Cars shop builds the best.”


Pruett ends the Get Screened America Pro Mod Series points in 16th place despite only racing five times.







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