Drag Racing Featured — 07 January 2014

Queen Latifah Feels the Force

With only 31 days left until the Circle K Winter Nationals in Pomona, CA, the Force sisters stopped by Sony Pictures Studios as guests of The Queen Latifah Show. Airing on January 8th, Ashley, Courtney and Brittany ditched their fire suits and dawned their heels for a talk with the popular talk show host. The high heeled shoes were short lived, as the Queen challenged them to a race with “krazy karts” to test their racing abilities against her and other guest James Van Der Beek.

As one of their final appearances before heading to Indianapolis for custom seat fittings and then to West Palm for 2014 testing, Courtney says the “off” season has been non-stop,  “I feel like it [off season] is almost busier!” “We have a lot of random, different appearances we went to.” Courtney, the youngest of the three Force sisters, says that even after the hundreds of interviews she has completed, she still gets nervous. “The nervousness of interviews and racing cars, it never goes away.” She’s even asked her dad, 16 time World Champion, John Force, if someday she’ll grow out of this. His response? “He said nope, I [John] still get butterflies in my stomach when I go up to race and I pull up to the starting line.” Brittany Force, the teaching graduate from Cal State-Fullerton, agrees with her sister. “The nerves never go away, whether you are in the car or in front of a camera.”

Part of the preparation for an interview on The Queen Latifah Show? A trip to the mall of course. “We are always in fire suits out at the race track and tennis shoes so it is nice when we get to do a show like this” says Brittany. “Of course, you stress out about it because it’s a big show and you want to look good,” says Courtney, but she also says they keep in mind that its important to just be themselves.

Catch the interview and kart competition this Wednesday, January 8th. Visit www.queenlatifah.com for specifics on when and where the show airs across the country.

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  • GTaylor

    I love seeing this family at the races, they are always smiling and eager to meet the fans. Ashley we miss you sweetheart, those babies are so sweet and cute, but it would be amazing to have you, dad and Courtney going at it on the track.
    God bless all of you and see you in 31 days..