Historic Victory for Ramona Karlsson and Miriam Walfridsson of Sweden

Photo Credit: Glenn Mattsing

By Inga kommentarer

This past weekend Ramona Karlsson and Miram Walfridsson became the first women ever to take a total victory in the Swedish Rally Championships. They also brought back an overall silver medal in Swedish Championships 2013.

“We could not have a better finish of the season, we are so happy!” Ramona and Miriam said. During the whole rally, Ramona had a close battle with Jerker Axelsson and Fredrik Åhlin. Before the last stage Ramona and Miriam were in 2nd place, then Jerker got puncture, and Ramona won the stage, Åhlin by 1.8 seconds. This resulted in the overall victory in the Swedish Rally Championship final, and after a successful season in their first WRC season, Ramona and Miriam brought back a silver medal in the highest class.

Ramona is the first female driver ever that has succeeded to this high level, and Ramona and Miriam have received great tributes for their historic and ground breaking result. It was two very happy girls on the top of the podium. “The last rally we lost the win after a puncture. Now we had the benefit on our side. This victory is not only ours – it’s for the whole team and for all our sponsors that has made this possible. We are happy to work with people that have always beleived in us! An extra thanks to our chief mechanic Mikael Gustafsson” Ramona says.

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