Road Racing — 20 May 2008


Amanda Hennessy Takes Home 1st Place in the Retro Class, Winner For the Second Year in a Row in the One Lap of America!




Atlanta, GA (May 16, 2008)

Another year at the One Lap of America, and another year coming home a winner. Amanda competed in this year’s One Lap of America with co-drivers Thomas Daetwyler and Andreas Blochliger in the Retro Class. The vehicle of choice was a 08 Chevrolet HHR SS.

Off to a rocky start, Amanda didn’t get her first track victory until day three of the seven day event at Texas World Speedway. “My competitors are tough. I lacked the street-car track experience that these guys have. It was only a matter of time until I was able to get familiar to the handling of the car.” Amanda stated. “But once the rain came, I knew I had to step up to the plate.”

After that first victory, Amanda never looked back. Amanda captured 9 first place, 6 second place, and 4 third place finishes. A total of 4,077 miles on the road, ten different tracks from as far north as Wisconsin to as far south as Texas, and 19 events!

“I owe the on track success to my co-drivers, Thomas and Andy. Without their help on the streets, I wouldn’t have survived on the track. I want to thank GM Performance Division, Brembos, and Goodridge for their support of the vehicle, and Robert Dubler with Dubler Racing for his continued support and competition on track.”

Amanda would also like to thank all of the people who helped raise awareness by supporting the 1 in 8 Motorsports Foundation.

The event was a success!

Mom & Pete
Sunrise Management and Consulting
Carl Warren
Rob Trebble
Keith Flores
Stephen Noton
Joe Vellano
Leo & Bridgette Mucha
Gold Jack Entertainment, LLC
Ed Zabinski

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