Kendahl Erb’s 2nd Season at age 7 in the VDKA Dirt Kart Series

By Erika Detota

FRN had the chance to catch up with FRN’s youngest driver Kendahl Erb. She is a “normal” 7 year old who has a promising racing career already in the works!

It’s amazing to interview a girl who is making such early strides towards her dream of racing Nascar Sprint Cup series late models to come true. Currently racing among Virginia Dirt Kart Association series in the Junior Star class, Kendahl is planning to get to Nascar by the old age of 16 and with the determination evident in this 7 year old I think she will do it!

Her biggest supporter is her Dad who was the head flagman at Albemarle speedway who allowed Kendahl to first get into a kart a year and a half ago. She competed in her first full season last year [2013] and secured several 2nd place finishes. Her driving has gained some attention earning her some solid sponsors; Stumo Racing, North End Pizza,, Asco Of Tidewater, Dirt Divas Racing and Jungle Golf are on board for her 2014 season.

Kendahl’s peers in 1st grade mostly don’t believe that she races competitively and is  on her way to a professional racing career. The friends that do understand, have endless questions, said Kendahl about how fast she goes or how does she know what to do. She is so well adjusted to her dual life that when asked what her biggest accomplishment is, she replied “when I got my first A honor roll.” What a champ! Can’t wait to see where her talent can lead her, it may just be beyond NASCAR!

Kendahl’s 2014 schedule will include: 18 races at her home track and 6 VDKA ( Virginia Dirt Kart Association) races.

Name: Kendahl Erb

Age: 7

From: Norfolk, Va

Primary E-Mail:

Team: Moon-n-Ya Racing

Sponsors: Jungle Golf (in Va. Beach) WWW.JUNGLEGOLF.COM


Asco Of Tidewater

North End Pizza (in Va. Beach)

Stumo Racing WWW.STUMORACING.COM Amsoil Dealer

Give Kendahl your support by following her team on Facebook: Kendahl-Erb & her website at:

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