Featured Open Wheel Videos — 10 June 2013

Simona de Silvestro Indy Car 36

Simona de Silvestro Indy Car 36

The racing in  Indy Car this season is some of the best I’ve seen in a while. With only one full time female driver in Indy Car this season I was very excited to see them do an Indy Car 36 profile on Simona. If you are unfamiliar with Indy Car 36 it is a show that follows one driver around for the 36 hours prior to and through a race. This one particularly they were with Simona through the race in Brazil on the Streets of Sao Paulo. The show really shows the personality of the drivers they are showcasing and through the trials and triumphs of their weekend. Simona really is such a great lady and such an amazing role model for everyone to look up to. Please watch this episode (22 minutes long no commericals) and get to know Simona and why she’s a great person and driver.

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